Commodity Price 16-Oct-2018
  • Paddy (1001) Max Price 2652 Min Price 1200
  • Paddy (A.Ponni) Max Price 2652 Min Price 1340
  • Paddy (ADT 37) Max Price 1552 Min Price 1097
  • Paddy (ADT 39) Max Price 1748 Min Price 1186
  • Paddy (ADT 43) Max Price 1700 Min Price 1292
  • Paddy (AST 16) Max Price 1900 Min Price 1120
  • Paddy (BPT) Max Price 2431 Min Price 1000
  • Paddy (Common) Max Price 2000 Min Price 1600
  • Paddy (Fine) Max Price 2569 Min Price 2549
  • Paddy (HMT) Max Price 2007 Min Price 2001
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    Market 1

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    Market 2

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    Market 3

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    Market 4

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    Market 5

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    Market 6

Flash News -16/10/2018

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Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business is the key driver of the Agriculture sector, due to new market realities posed by the increasing accent on globalization, liberalization and privatization of the economy. This Department is functioning with an objective of maximizing the benefits from the available resources for production and to expand marketing operations to increase income of the farmers


Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business Department act as nerve centre from where marketing impulse are transmitted to put all the marketing interventions on track to safeguard the interest of both famers and consumers. The Department is focusing and taking concerted efforts to ensure remunerative price to the farmers by creating infrastructure facilities for marketing and post-harvest management. To improve farmers’ income recently more thrust are given for promotion of Farmer Producer Organization (FPO), implementation of Supply Chain Management for Perishable Commodities and creation of e-trading facilities.